Tigra′s Story

Beautiful TIGRA….…. A misunderstood breed….a misunderstood girl….. Tigra is a gentle big baby,  The only thing she needs in her life is cuddles, cuddles and even more cuddles…. She is so kind and calm….She is such a great character…. And she really deserves a home as she has spent all her previous life in a cage….. She can be her new mommy’s huge loving baby…. :) …..The story….. TIGRA and her sister NEGRA are under our care since November 2014…. Our girls used to have an owner…a really bad owner tho…. A Bulgarian guy who didn’t treat them well, so the police confiscated them and took them to the local pound.... Things there weren’t better of course, as they were living in their own dirt, with no walks, no love...just little food and water.... We were watching these two beautiful girls losing their will for life day by day..... TIGRA and NEGRA are now living happily in our new kennels but it will be much better for them if they could find their forever families.... Their rescuer Doris, ask me to share this with you…. :) “People were scared of them, even the person who is in charge of the pound, but it’s all a myth. People should know that they are JUST dogs that need love and care like the poodles. The love and joy we get from these two it’s amazing. We want so much to find a home together. They are so close, they share their food, kissing each other and both are good on the leash

Character & Temperament

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Ideal Home for Tigra

Under Assessment

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